An Impromptu or Unexpected Speech

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An Impromptu or Unexpected Speech

There would be several occasions when you would be called upon to speak impromptu, i.e. without a prior and specific preparation. In fact, a person is said to have acquired competence in speaking language, if he is able to transact his daily business with fluency and accuracy in natural social settings, requiring oral communication. His responses are automatically generated by the store of knowledge he possess and his ability to convert it into words. But here we are concerned with speaking before a gathering of listeners on an informal or formal occasion. If you are asked to ‘say a few words’ on any such occasion (formal dinner; farewell function or seminar), do not get panic. Walk gently and confidently to the podium, collecting your thoughts on the subject, as you go. On reaching the podium settle yourself before the mike, pause for a while and make eye contact with the entire audience. If you are not able to speak to the point immediately, repeat or summarise one or two points made by earlier speakers. This would give you time and strength to proceed further.

There are two ways to practice impromptu speaking:

1. On your own. Choose a different random topic every day and speak out loud about it. What you say does not have to be perfect, or eloquent, or enlightening. The important thing is to speak out loud. I do this when I am stuck in traffic. I pick a random topic and then I just speak on it for a minute or so. Don’t overdo it. Just once a day

2. Speak in a group. Practicing in front of a group and getting professional feedback is the best way to learn impromptu speaking. I know that this option is harder than practicing on your own for many reasons. Not finding the right group, not finding the time are just a few. However, it is not impossible. You can try out different speaking classes or join a Toastmasters group in your area until you find one that resonates with you. It will be worth it.

Quick Impromptu Formula You Can Use Right Away

In an impromptu speech, the structure is the king. Without a present and practiced structure, you will ramble on and make no point at all. In fact, the structure will be the king, queen, and general combined to martial and lead your content in a concise and relevant way.

Structure is king!

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